Web Design


Captivect Design Co

April 2019 - Present

I joined Captivect Design Co as a lead developer and designer, account representative, and client-consultant.

Kidd Collision

August 2017 - Present

I performed the initial site design, and have continued to maintain, back up, do SEO work on, and secure the site. 

Blackfriars Cultural Arts

January 2016 and August 2018

I performed a redesign of the initial, bug-full design using HTML/CSS/ and JavaScript, employing my Bootstrap knowledge to ensure mobile responsiveness. Later, the site need to be moved to a platform so that the producer could easily edit the site, at which point the site was backed up and migrated to WordPress, where I used the Gantry framework. I became the digital media consultant and (at my advice) the site was redesigned in August 2018. 

Cristofori Baby Company

January 2016 and August 2018

I performed a redesign of the Trebellina website, making it mobile responsive and in conformity with modern design principles. In 2018, I was called in to backup, migrate, and redesign the site.

Little Latin Readers

March 2017 - February 2018

I revamped their site to a more manageable industry standard and performed two redesigns, developed a shipping cost algorithm, implemented a manageable site back-end, performed countless updates, SEO building, and site security.

Twisty Puzzles Club

June 2017 - Present

This is a current affiliate marketing store of mine. I built a WordPress site and designed a clever and highly appealing logo using Inkscape and GIMP.

Joseph C. Scarpa Web Enterprises

I build example designs and manage all the digital properties of Joseph C. Scarpa. 



March For Life NY

July 2016- Present

I serve as the web consultant for the March For Life NY. I built their first website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ensuring mobile responsiveness with Bootstrap. I performed graphic editing and logo modification work for them. As the organization grew I advised them to move to WordPress to allow them to create and publish content faster. I continue to consult, increase traffic, secure, backup, update, revise, and add new features to the site. 

Pro Life Education

July 2016- Present

I serve as the web consultant for the Long Island Coalition for Life web consultant. I built their first website with WordPress, using Elementor. The site was designed to be a repository of information for researchers and a place to promote the pro-life view in a intellectual manner. I continue to consult, increase traffic, secure, backup, update, revise, and add new features to the site. 


Graphic Design

Advanced knowledge in all aspects of graphic design for the web, including, line and shape, color theory, texture, typography, contrast, rhythm, and spacing. Additionally, I know basic image editing, logo design, basic graphic editing, and I am familiar with GIMP, Inkscape and other similar software (Photoshop, Illustrator) 

HTML5 / CSS3 /JavaScript / JQuery

I possess expert knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery. I can build websites with rich designs, or enhance WordPress themes.

Responsive Design

I possess expert knowledge on responsive design principles. 

Bootstrap, Foundation, and Sass

I possess expert knowledge of Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks, as well as general familiarality with all frameworks available. Additionally, I have advanced knowledge in Sass, to complement my CSS skills.


MEAN Stack

I am proficient in the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node) as well as the MERN stack (MEAN with React instead of Node).


WordPress + Pico

I am an expert in all aspects of WordPress, including administration, custom theming, custom plugin development and modifications, and security.

I am also an expert in the use of Pico CMS.


I am an expert in the use of the Elementor WordPress plugin, what I believe is the best tool for a WordPress site that needs to be edited by the client, or updated frequently.

Search Engine Optimization

I possess advanced SEO knowledge and can apply it to your website in order to increase traffic and rankings effectively.


I am an effective web consultant. I understand how to find issues that were previously undiscovered, how to solve issues in creative ways, how to evaluate a site and provide constructive feedback for improvement, how to be an effective project manager, and how to assess a sites statistics and make keen observations based on them.



St. Paul's Reformed Church, Babylon, NY

January 2019 - April 2019

I am the regular substitute organist at St. Paul’s Reformed church.

West Hills Methodist Church, Huntington Station, NY

Substituting since 2017. Both regularly and during Christmas Time

St. Rocco's R.C. Glen Cove, NY

Have been substituting here since 2018

St. Elizabeth's R.C. Melville, NY

Substituted here during Christmas time 2018.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Farmingdale, NY

I have substituted here occasionally. Will be substituting again during Easter.

St. Killian's R.C. Farmingdale, NY