As I am sure you know by the text at the top left of the navigation, my name is Joseph Scarpa. You can call me Joey (or cabbage … some weirdos did that for a week). I am a homeschooled (for 9 years) high school student who also freelances as a web designer, developer, and consultant. Additionally, I am a substitute organist, saving congregations from deathly church silence all across Long Island.

Favorite Things

Favorite Food: Pizza, Ice cream, sushi, bacon burger. I have a huge metabolism.
Favorite Movie: Star Wars and The Shawshank Redemption.
Favorite Book: Zero To One by Peter Thiel and The Joy of X by Steven Strogatz (its a math book)
Favorite Word: Defenestrate (to throw out a window) or imbroglio (a painful misunderstanding) You can always remember that one because your bros always do it! I’ll stop now.
Favorite Programming Language: Java. The Processing library is especially fun to program in.

Favorite Composer

Bach. There is no equal. Do not attempt to reason with me. 

Web Stuff

Basically I build websites. I enjoy build engaging and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences to help grow your business, I am not going to elaborate on it more because I have a whole page dedicated to it. Just click the button!

Academic Interests

Omitting the study of music, my favorite subjects are Math, Computer Science, and Philosophy.