About Me


I am an avid student of philosophy and computer science. My specific interests lie in the intersection of the two: the philosophy of computing and what computing says about philosophy. I am interested in the ethical implications of computer science innovations, specifically artificial intelligence and I ask questions like these:

Ethical issues of A.I

Epistemological and Cognitive implications of A.I.

Quick Facts

Web Stuff

Basically I build websites. I've been building them since I was 11 (they sucked, but I got better. It's all part of the learning curve. ). I enjoy build engaging and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences to help grow your business. I work with a web design agency called Captivect Design Co (which I started), but I don't mind working freelance. Contact me for more information, or go to Captivect Design.


I have studied classical organ for about 5 years. In addition to studying classical organ, I work as a substitute church musician for extended or one-time jobs. Contact me for more information.

Contact Me

For questions, organ substitutions, or new dad jokes to annoy my family with: josephc.scarpa@gmail.com As a matter of web business: joseph@captivectdesign.com